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Prior to the 1860's, our Crow ancestors dominated the lands that make up our ranch. Our ranch is located in the heart of the Crow Indian Reservation. 

On our ranch, mementos of those forgotten years stand as etched memories left from our ancestors. Guests may join us on a walk through the vivid history of the West, right on our ranch. Many old homesteads still creak under the soft mountain winds. Relive the wild times in Crow Country!

For guests who wish to spend the time, our ranch offers some of the finest photo opportunities. We have a large variety of animals and birds throughout the ranch. Early June provides the best chances to see the baby wildlife and domestic animals on our ranch. However, early morning or late evening brings many of the animals from their hiding places. For the adventurers, try your hand at searching for artifacts such as arrow heads in the fields that run through the ranch.  Either on or near our ranch, guests can catch glimpses of elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, coyotes, mountain goats, black bears, raccoons, porcupines, and skunks. In recent years we've seen moose, bobcats, mountain lions, and even a wolf.  Numerous birds, including eagles, hawks, and osprey, soar in the skies above the DH7 ranch. Our hikes, horseback rides, and 4-wheel drive tours give willing guests the chance to learn about and observe much of this wildlife.

Local Points of Interest:

  • Yellowstone National Park - a massive volcanic eruption spewed an immense volume of ash that covered all of the western U.S., much of the Midwest, northern Mexico and some areas of the eastern Pacific. The eruption dwarfed that of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 and left a caldera 30 miles wide by 45 miles long.
  • Pictograph Cave State Park - located 5 miles south of Billings are rock paintings, known as pictographs, they are still visible in the Pictograph Cave, the largest of the three. Interpretive signs tell the story of Montana’s first professional archaeological studies and excavations.
  • Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument - is near Crow Agency, Montana, commemorates one of America's most significant and famous battles between the United States Government military campaign and the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians, who refused to live within the boundaries of the Great Sioux. Crow and Arikara scouts served with Custer against their traditional enemies.
     Reservation. .
  • Apsaalooke Tours - offers a guided tour of the site.
  • Pryor Mountain National Wild Horse Range - Approximately 120 wild horses range from the Pryors' high meadows down through rugged juniper-covered foothills to colorful desert-like badlands that border the green fields of Crooked Creek Valley.
  • Bighorn Canyon AKA Yellowtail Dam - This dam, named after the famous Crow chairman Robert Yellowtail, harnesses the waters of the Bighorn River and turns this variable stream into a magnificent lake. Due to National Security issues, Yellowtail Dam no longer offers tours of the Dam or allows access to the top of the Dam. Yellowtail Visitor Center remains open to the public from Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Crow Native Days - 3rd Week of June -- Annual Crow Native Days with Ultimate Warrior Challenge Triathlon, Pow-wow, traditional Games and rodeo.
  • Little Bighorn Days in Hardin - A number of activites take place during this week such as daily parades, rodeo's and the highlight is always the Custer's Last Stand Re-enactment, which takes place a few miles out of town. Afternoon performances are scheduled on June 24-26, plus a 5 p.m. show on June 25. Tickets are $16 for anyone 12 and over; $7 for children ages 6 to 12; and free for children under the age of 6. 
  • Crow Fair - "Teepee Capitol of the World"- For those who plan to be around the third weekend in August, If you only attend one pow wow in your lifetime, Crow Fair at Crow Agency, Montana is the one. Be sure to attend the annual Crow Fair at Crow Agency scheduled for Aug. 17-22. Traditional dance contests, a rodeo, horse racing, powwows, camping and feasting are part of the celebration tribal members look forward to all year. Guests are always welcome as tribes from all over the United States and Canada arrive for the largest powwow in the country.   This pow wow has been held in the same place for about a hundred years and is a real traditional pow wow. If you only attend one pow wow in your lifetime, this is the one I would recommend.  The campers attending the pow wow start coming in the week before the pow wow begins. By the time it starts there will be more than one thousand teepees and another 6,000 or so tent and RV campers. The teepees will stretch out over several miles.