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  Horse Sense
Safety Rules and Riding Restrictions

Our horses are responsive, and bred for steadiness and dependability. By using horse sense, following the Rules of the Trail, and paying attention, most accidents can be avoided. We are highly capable, experienced and well-trained.

Even with the best training, however, horses can become frightened by sudden, unexpected movement, a flapping poncho or a yellow jacket sting. By nature, horses are prey animals, and their first instinct when badly frightened is to run. They are also herd animals, with a pecking order, and occasionally bite or kick to reinforce herd structure. There are no absolute guarantees that you will never get hurt when you are around horses. Thatís why, before you ride, we require that you read and sign our assumption of risk form, and obey the Rules of the Trail.

Rules of the Trail
For your safety, and for the well-being of our horses, the following riding restrictions apply:
Follow instructions.
Donít make sudden moves around horses. No flapping of rain gear, hats, etc.
No double riding.
No jogging or loping without permission and guidance.
No riding under the influence. No smoking on the trail.
All riders, regardless of age, must demonstrate the ability to handle their horse independently before being allowed to head out on the trails.
No cell phones or pagers, please!